Format Matters

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Thursday 7 December 2017.
Ends on: Saturday 9 December 2017.
Location: Mainz
Related institutions: Johannes Gutenberg University
The conference Format Matters at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz brings together international scholars from a variety of disciplines to explore the cultural meaning, social dynamics and aesthetic effects of media formats. “Format” can refer to a great range of very dissimilar objects, practices and cultural registers: From the size or folding of a book to the shape, color and “weight” of a film; from the durational rhythms of a television program and syntactic orderings of a computer file to formalized ways of recordkeeping, cataloging and description. Formats are historically specific modes of organizing sensory experience that inscribe the economic, technological and cultural conditions of a particular age into concrete objects. Format is the categorizing instrument that allows us to meaningfully understand the hierarchy of cultural and material gradations by which “tabloid” is related to “broadsheet”, or 8mm film is differentiated from a Laserdisc Despite the central role it plays for film, television, media and literary studies, questions of format have thus far remained subordinate to form, content or genre.
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