Press Release. Medical Marvels


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Begins on: Friday 14 December 2018.
Ends on: Friday 15 March 2019.
Location: Dunedin
Related institutions: University of Otago
This exhibition, Medical Marvels, highlights treasures from this Historical Collection, from pharmacy and phrenology, to dentistry and disease. Of particular note is the anatomical flap book by Johann Remmelin, printed in Holland in 1667; a second edition of Andreas Vesalius’s The Fabric of the Body, printed in 1555; and Bernhard Albinus’s Tables of the Skeleton and Muscles of the Human Body, printed in 1746. Other noteworthy items include works by medicos Edward Jenner, John Hunter, Francis Glisson, Thomas Willis, and William Smellie. For those interested in the history of medicine, the exhibition is a feast.
Related keywords: early modern studies, medical history, medicine, printed books