Printmaking in the residential town of Sulzbach in its historical context

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Friday 5 July 2019.
Ends on: Sunday 7 July 2019.
Location: Sulzbach
The history of printing and bookselling in the 17th century is a first-rate research desideratum. While the Reformation as an incubation period and the 18th century as a turning point towards books as a mass medium can be regarded as fundamentally researched, especially from the point of view of economic history, little attention was paid to the time in between. The specific situation in the Pfalzgrafschaft Sulzbach in the second half of the 17th century can be an impulse to examine the Printing Press guided by current approaches of cultural studies in media historiography and the history of science.
Related keywords: censorship, Hebrew printing, history of printing, medicine, protestantism/reformation