Lasting Impressions: Music and Material Cultures of Print in Early Modern Europe

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Thursday 28 June 2018.
Ends on: Saturday 30 June 2018.
Location: Salzburg
Related institutions: University of Salzbur
The advent of music printing was a significant milestone in the social and cultural contexts of late medieval and early modern Europe. Prelates, reformers, composers, and businessmen were among the many that seized upon the new technology to accomplish a variety of aims. These included the dissemination of standardised liturgies, the spread of new religious ideals, the cultivation of relationships with powerful patrons, and the maximization of profits from the printing industry. The resultant sources are not only important witnesses to their contemporary religious, political, and musical climates, but also to their material cultures. This latter aspect has recently garnered increased attention in musicological scholarship. The current project, Music printing in German-speaking lands: From the 1470s to the midsixteenth century, will conclude in spring 2019. To mark this occasion, we are organising a second conference with a broader chronological and geographical focus. We will also be formally launching our new database and geo-mapping tool, and presenting the edited volume stemming from the first project, Early Music Printing in German-Speaking Lands (Routledge, 2018).
Related keywords: book history, music, music prints, musical printing, print culture