SHARP "Book History on the Margins"

Call for paper

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Deadline: Tuesday 30 October 2018.
Location: Amherst
This roundtable seeks to put into conversation those who do the work of book history on minority subjects, genres, and traditions across any time period, geography, language, and history. There have been thriving conversations of how book history and bibliographic scholarship can help form new narratives and traditions—this includes the importance of initial enumerative bibliographies, the creation of finding aids and tools, and the uncovering and establishing of previously untold histories of book production and consumption. This roundtable asks those who engage in this labor to come together and talk about commonalities with our experiences working with minority subjects, genres, and practices and discuss if this can or should influence book history scholarship that works on more canonical or valued figures, genres, and histories.
Related keywords: bibliography, book history, minorities, woman and the feminine