Lost in Renaissance

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Renaud Adam

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Thursday 20 September 2018.
Ends on: Friday 21 September 2018.
Location: Tours
Related institutions: Centre d'Études Supérieures de la Renaissance
The debate about the concept of Renaissance is certainly old, but has met for some years now a certain revival with questions relating to its temporality, particularly in France, following questions from Patrick Boucheron on the duration of a "short long medieval period" beginning in the 12th-13th centuries and ending in the 16th century. One can also point to Jacques Le Goff’s essay entitled Faut-il vraiment découper l’histoire en tranches? (Paris, Seuil, 2014) who defended the thesis that the Renaissance would not represent a particular period, but that it would be the last rebirth of a long medieval period that would end in the mid-18th century. Regardless of whether or not one adheres to this demonstration, the great medievalist nevertheless has the merit of questioning the relevance of the concept of periodization of history and, more specifically, that of the Renaissance chrononym.
Related keywords: book history, material culture, Renaissance studies