'Gold and Books are what I love…'


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Begins on: Thursday 19 October 2017.
Ends on: Friday 15 December 2017.
Location: Augsburg
Related institutions: Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg
The exhibition 'Gold und Bücher lieb ich sehr ...' will be held at 'the State-and-City Library of Augsburg, nowadays a state-funded regional public research library in Bavaria, is among the oldest libraries in Germany. Founded during the Reformation in 1537, it quickly became one of the most important libraries Europe. The 480th anniversary of its founding is celebrated by a two-month exhibition in which the best of the collection will be presented in the historical show-room of 1893. It features the most important manuscripts and early prints like the Augsburg Bible—the first New Testament in German, very likely written in Ratisbon around 1350; richly illuminated Psalters from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries; important music manuscripts, as well as manuscripts from the high period of Reichsstadt Augsburg in the fifteenth through the sixteenth century. These latter include notable and up-to-now little-known sumptuous oriental manuscripts, incunabula and early prints, such as a newly discovered fragment of the Gutenberg Bible.' (via CERL's newsletter)
Related keywords: Bible, book culture, illumination