Religious Manuscripts, Hand Press Books and Prints (15th-19th Centuries): Ephemera

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Monday 2 July 2018.
Ends on: Friday 6 July 2018.
Location: Antwerp
Related institutions: University of Antwerp
In this summer school, expert speakers will explain the traditional techniques of manuscript, book and print production (printing, lay-out, illustration). This year special attention will be devoted to the production and function of ephemera in all its manifestations. Introductory presentations will familiarise the students with the crucial role Antwerp played as a printing center. Most lectures are conceived as workshops and hands-on sessions zooming in on different kinds of text media and the place of ephemera within them. Lecturers will use the holdings of the Ruusbroec Institute Library and select materials that can be handled by the students. In line with this setup, admission to the summer school will be limited to 14 Master students, PhD students and postdocs. The presence of staff and lecturers during the course should stimulate the interaction and spark questions and discussions.
Related keywords: ephemeral print, manuscript culture, print culture, religious reading