The Book in Transition, the East and the West Symposium

Scientific meeting

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Takes place on: Saturday 9 December 2017.
Location: Tokyo
Related institutions: Keio University
Conveners: Mayumi Ikeda, Mari Agata, & Satoko Tokunaga (Keio University) "Historically, the introduction of a new means or material in book production has led to a change in form, use, perception and even meaning of the book. This process, however, is by no means straightforward and varies among communities, each of which can be met with excitement, confusion, debate and at times rejection, but also, creative breakthroughs which have opened up new horizons in the history of the book. A prime example of this is the introduction of typography, whose impact in Europe is all too well known, but which also brought complex issues and reactions in East Asia, the region that precedes Europe in its evidenced use of typography by more than a century but did not see it thoroughly established until much later. The above-described process also applies to bibliographical studies, in which the employment of new technologies as tools for analysis has created new possibilities in the field but also stimulated further questions to ask and more problems to solve. In the age of digital technology, the speed and intensity of this trend has become ever greater. This symposium examines the impact of shifts and developments in the production and study of books in the early modern period. It will be interdisciplinary as well as intercultural, encouraging conversations among scholars of various backgrounds."
Related keywords: bibliography, history of printing, print culture, typography