London Rare Books School

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Takes place on: Friday 8 June 2018.
Location: London
Related institutions: University of London
The London Rare Books School is a series of five-day, intensive courses on a variety of book-related subjects. Courses take place in and around Senate House, University of London, and—for the first time—offsite at the University of Reading. Fees are £650 (standard) | £520 (student) with additional discounts for multi-week bookings. A limited number of bursaries are available. Most courses can be taken for credit toward a postgraduate certificate or diploma in book history, or toward the Institute's MA/MRes in the History of the Book. 1) June 18 -22 Provenance in Books (David Pearson) The Book in the Ancient World (Marigold Norbye) Children's Books (Jill Sheffrin) Colour Printing I: 1400-1800 (Elizabeth Savage) The Medieval Book (Michelle Brown) 2) June 25 - 29 A History of Paper (Jean Stirk) Early Modern Book in England (Giles Mandelbrote and Arnold Hunt) Music Printing and Publishing (Elisabeth Giselbrecht) The Forbidden Book (Sarah Bull) A History of Maps and Mapping (Katherine Parker) Colour Printing II: 1800-1950 (Michael Twyman and the University of Reading Department of Typography and Graphic Communication) 3) July 2 – 6 European Bookbinding (Nicholas Pickwoad) The Book in the Industrial Age (Simon Eliot) Medieval Illuminations (Michelle Brown) The Modern Rare Book Trade (Laurence Worms) Digital Scholarly Editing (Christopher Ohge) Blocks and Plates: Towards a history of relief and intaglio printing surfaces, 1450-1830 (Elizabeth Savage, Richard Lawrence and Giles Bergel)